What Phones Have the Loudest Speaker?

High-end brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, and others want to provide a top-notch experience to the users of their smartphones. Although there has been an upsurge in smartphone screens with very high resolution and exceptional clarity in the last few years, there has also been a change in the stereo sound features that are being offered.

Including stereo speakers on these compact devices means we can have a premium but simple media listening experience, which results in portability. Here are some of the latest smartphones that offer the loudest speaker.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best with design and sound quality. I am so impressed with the speaker on this phone. These speakers are carefully positioned, clear, and have excellent stereo imaging. Despite their size, they have more bass than the average phone and are vibrant. Other smartphones typically lack the levels of detail that the Galaxy S21 Ultra delivers.

Asus ROG Phone 5

The Asus ROG Phone 5 has already left everybody stunned because of its fantastic performance. Not only does it perform well, but it is a tremendous device for listening to music and videos as well. This phone comes with a fantastic screen refresh rate and a speaker that produces a significant volume of sound. Stereo speakers in the Asus ROG Phone 5 improve the gaming experience, adding depth to the gameplay and enhancing sound quality.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Apple iPhone has consistently met or exceeded expectations in smartphone performance, and all of us are content with this smartphone.

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max also offers the best media experience, having a beautiful Retina display paired with a loud and clear setup. The phones’ speakers also offer excellent low-frequency clarity and are convenient enough to be used as speakers for our daily multimedia needs.

OnePlus 9 Series

OnePlus is preparing to launch new smartphone models named OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9T. With all the OnePlus devices, audio has been excellent. The new OnePlus, according to the historical data, has been advertised to have a majorly upgraded Hasselblad-style camera system. It is predicted that the 9 Series smartphones will have a great-looking screen and excellent audio.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Another notable addition to Samsung’s Android lineup is the Galaxy Note20. Dolby Atmos decoding is supported on the Galaxy Note20. The iPhone comes with a set of top-of-the-line AKG earphones in the box as a bonus. This Note series model offers an unprecedentedly luxurious experience for the users, with incredible sound through stereo speakers.

Google Pixel 4a

Google’s Pixel 4a packs power and is top-of-the-class with price, but the bang-for-the-buck is a bit of a mixed bag. The Google Pixel 4a is famous for its good camera, but a feature that is not widely known is that it has an outstanding loudspeaker. The Google Pixel 4a speaker setup delivers excellent sound and visual satisfaction, without having to spend extra money. This smartphone provides a fantastic multimedia experience.


The LG G8X ThinQ is a multimedia powerhouse with four DACs, two display panels, and two speakers. This phone packs the ultimate multimedia portable capability into a small form factor design. For such a budget, the LG G8X has fantastic features. The LG G8 comes with a nice-to-quality camera and a powerful display.

Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G

The Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G offers decent audio on a lower price bracket. They are good sounding on the Mi 10i 5G speakers. The sounds are loud enough to play music, movies, enjoy games, and watch videos. Graphic-rich games with no lag are possible with this mobile phone.

Realme X2 Pro

As far as value-for-priced phones go, the Realme X2 Pro is hard to beat. As powerful as the smartphone should be, the screen is bright and vibrant. It also produces sounds that are excellent and loud. I believe the primary reason for the attractive price of the Realme X2 Pro is that it provides a gaming and media-rich experience to the masses, with an emphasis on quality.

Poco X3

Poco X3 offers up to 8GB of RAM on a mini budget-friendly plan. Unfortunately, the smartphone speaker setup is extremely loud, but it does not have the same sound depth and complexity as the more expensive and high-end smartphones. It provides an excellent media platform and sufficient detail for gaming.


Smartphones nowadays offer many features. Its function does not end in communication alone. It becomes a multi-tasking device from contact to entertainment. To maximize the features of our phones, a good and loud quality sound is what we need.

Although different brands and models claimed to have the loudest speakers, we must still test the unit before purchasing a new one. We must also consider our budget and of course the design of the phone to suit our preference.

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