Technology, People, and The Society

On the one hand, technology makes life easier. The digital age has provided us with a vast array of information, including news, jobs, and entertainment. On the other hand, technology has enriched our lives, made communication easier, and thus, led to more face-to-face interactions. Technology also facilitates crime, disturbs people’s privacy, and affects workplace productivity. … Read moreTechnology, People, and The Society

The Cybersecurity Risks of E-Waste

Every year, millions of tons of electronics are thrown away. Not only does this harm the environment and hurt recycling efforts, but it also puts our digital security at risk. If you don’t recycle your electronics, they will end up in landfills or as “e-waste,” which consists of a multitude of items: computers, monitors, printers, … Read moreThe Cybersecurity Risks of E-Waste

Why Templates Aren’t Bad to Use When Making A Website

The use of templates in web design has been a controversial topic for quite some time now. Many web developers believe that templates are evil shortcuts that are used to reduce the time it takes to create a website. While it is true that web design experts (such as Expedition Co.) tend to give you … Read moreWhy Templates Aren’t Bad to Use When Making A Website

Real Life Applications of IoTs/Internet of Things

One of the buzzwords in the technology industry right now is the Internet of Things. We all know that the internet has been around for decades. However, the last few years have seen an explosion in popularity of the Internet of Things, or the ability for everyday objects to connect with the internet. While we … Read moreReal Life Applications of IoTs/Internet of Things

Learning To Use SwiftUI: What to Know

For a long time, the only way to interact with a computer was to use a mouse and keyboard. There was no touchscreen, no touch-based interface. Today, thanks to the use of mobile devices, interactions with computers have become incredibly easy. Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, there is a way to … Read moreLearning To Use SwiftUI: What to Know

Mobile Phones and Computer Advancement

Technology gives human lives the comfort our ancestors never imagined. Through the work of different minds, computers and phones were invented. But how do we have the path of this advancement? Are there future innovations we should look forward to? And how will it benefit human lives? The computer and internet were first invented in … Read moreMobile Phones and Computer Advancement