About Foxrate

What is Foxrate? 

Foxrate is a blog that is dedicated to all things technological, whether it be computers, mobile phones, cameras, or AI’s, nothing is off-limits for this blog. It was created by me Noah Green just a guy who has always been obsessed with tinkering with computers and catching on to the latest tech trends on the market. This blog should hopefully be able to show the difference between old and new technology as well as aiming to help people to find the right gadgets for them whether it concerns safety or just daily lifestyle. So, if you are struggling whether you want the new iPhone or Samsung phone then you’ve come to the right place.


About Me

I am a website developer living in Missouri in the USA after I earned my graduate degree from the Missouri University of Science and Technology. I live in a small flat with my dog and spend most of my weekends either cycling or messing around with computers, I have become a well-known customer at my local Chinese takeaway thanks to my hours of tinkering making me forget to cook something for dinner! I’m writing this blog to share some knowledge with people that may not be that in the know about anything to do with technology so that they can be better prepared when buying new products. I hope this blog helps and you enjoy the read.