Prominent Nintendo Consoles

With the latest Nintendo Switch being a huge hit, let’s look back at Nintendo’s other game consoles and the top 10 games on them. The top 10 list contains games that have made an impact on the industry, some of which still have players today. This is not a list of the bestselling games. We will include the console, the top 10 games, and the impact the games have had on gaming.

The Nintendo Switch is currently the best-selling Nintendo console and has a wide range of games. But it isn’t the first one on the market. Here’s a selection of some of the most well-known Nintendo consoles from the past.

Nintendo GameCube

If you’ve played a lot of Nintendo games, you’ve probably come across a GameCube. This type of gaming system is no longer in production, but some retailers still sell them. It’s an excellent gaming system, with some of the best games of the past decade, including Super Smash Bros, The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and Animal Crossing.

The Nintendo GameCube was launched in November 2001, a year after the PlayStation 2 and 3 months before the Xbox. It was the smallest of the three and was initially intended to be a direct competitor to the PlayStation 2.

However, with the Xbox’s superior online gaming capabilities and Microsoft’s aggressive anti-PlayStation campaign, the GameCube was forced to reinvent itself as a niche console for Nintendo fans.

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii was released by Nintendo on November 19, 2006. A successor to the Nintendo GameCube, it was the first console to support broadband internet connectivity. It also featured a motion-sensing controller that can be used as a handheld pointing device and whose features can be expanded with the use of additional accessories, such as the Nunchuk controller.

Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was developed and manufactured by Nintendo. It was initially released in Japan as the Famicom (family computer) on July 15, 1983.

In the UK, USA, Ireland, South Africa, and Australia, it was released by Nintendo as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) on October 18, 1985.

Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS, a handheld game console from Nintendo, features autostereoscopic 3D. It  allows 3D effects with no added accessories or 3D glasses usage. The Nintendo 3DS was announced on March 23, 2010, at Nintendo’s Game Developer Conference 2010 and was released on the 26th of February, 2011, in Japan and then later worldwide in March 2011. Nintendo had a significant boost in sales when it announced a price drop from 249 USD to 169 USD beginning August 12, 2011, resulting in. The Nintendo 3DS was the first handheld console to use the Nintendo 3DS XL, with a larger screen and an improved processor.

Nintendo Wii U

The Wii U is Nintendo’s prior effort to bring games to the living room. Instead of trying to create a new controller, the Wii U simply uses the display you already own—your TV. It’s just like watching TV, but with a controller that gives you more control over what you’re watching. Whether you’re playing a game, watching a movie, or surfing the web, the system’s screen is made to integrate seamlessly with your TV.

Gameboy Advance

If you’ve ever owned a Gameboy Advance and spent the majority of your time staring at the darker-than-midnight screen, you know the device has its limitations. The GBA was never known for its screen quality, and the color-mutilating glare of the sun is enough to blind you upon looking at the device—let alone the glare of the sun off the water in the pool. The AGS-101, however, boasts a screen that is so bright, Nintendo claims it rivals the LCD and plasma TVs of today.

Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is a handheld gaming console developed and manufactured by Nintendo. It has two screens, the top of which is a touchscreen that senses the touch of a stylus. The bottom screen is a 3.53-inch (89 mm), 240-by-160 pixel (QVGA) touchscreen with a hinge that allows it to tilt inward for a more compact form factor. The console can play games from both the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS families. In addition to its touchscreen, the console features a directional pad, a microphone, and multiplayer capabilities either through the DS Download Play or online with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

Nintendo 64 DD

In 1998, Nintendo released an add-on for the Nintendo 64, known as the Nintendo 64DD. It was sold only to developers and was never released to the public due to its high cost of production. The DD was a disk-drive peripheral that featured many advanced capabilities, such as an internet connection.


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