Responsible Mobile Phone and Computer Usage

An average user of mobile phones and computers can use these devices at least eight to ten hours or more per day. For adults, the usage hours depend on the kind of work we have. For teens, it is said to have more usage hours because of the entertainment it offers. And even with parents’ monitoring, kids can do ten hours of screening a day.

With the potential effects of computers and mobile phones on our health, some try to find tips to lessen their usage hours. Below are the tips are known to work for adults, teens, and kids of this generation.

Limit Screening Hours

For working adults, the limitation is possible. Working hours takes most of our time. For adults with family, taking care of our children is the best way to limit the screen hours.

However, for teens where social media is their virtual life, limiting screen hours seems difficult to achieve. Teens must know the value of limitation. The students should use mobile phones and computers for educational purposes only. Entertainment is one key, but always take a balance with education and social media.

At such an early age, kids are influenced by videos on phones and computers. Though there is one positive side, it allows kids to learn faster; however, parents should monitor screening hours. At young ages there is a risk of them developing eyesight problems. We never want these to happen with our children. Also, follow restrictions protocol for videos below 18 years of age as much as possible. Optimize the settings for kid-friendly users.

Implement Rules And Be Role Models

Set rules for what time and how much time we will use our mobile phones or computers. Follow strict protocol regarding this matter. At first, it may be difficult to achieve, but our body will take it as routine once it becomes a habit.

Since we implement rules with ourselves and our family, we ought to be role models. Take the privilege of lessening screening hours as family bonding time. Set your mind that we should limit screening hours for our mental and physical health just like food dieting.

Be Respectful

There has been an awareness campaign on Facebook about the “Think before you click” program. It allows us to ponder things before posting on social media or blog posts. Whatever we say can never be taken, same with posting on social media. We ought to be responsible in our every post, text, or chats. Others think that social media is our online diary. But remember that a journal is to be read by ourselves and not for everyone’s eyes.

We should consider private matters when dealing with our social media accounts. We have freedom of speech, but our rights are also subject to the rights of others. Thus, let us be responsible for our every action. Avoid foul words and always put ourselves in someone’s shoes before commenting.

Let Them Rest

Mobile phones and computers are machines. When they are charging, set to mind that they are like machines that need a rest period, we should be aware of their charging hours to prevent damage to the batteries. Mobile phones use lithium-ion batteries that last for five years if taken care of.

Handle Them With Care

Take care of them just like our pets. They should be checked for any damage. The use of shockproof cases and tempered glass can prevent scratches on their display. Sanitize them. According to studies, mobile phones are the dirtiest object we always carry.

Avoid too many applications and downloads. It will slow down the speed of the device. It also damages the program or software since not all applications are suitable in an operating system. Install virus checkers. It prevents internet viruses from entering the processing system of our devices.

Discipline is the key in all aspects. We should implement rules which we can carry and be role models. Respect begets respect. Always put ourselves in other shoes. We have different religions, races, statuses in life, and cultures that everyone respects. And remember that mobile phones and computers will work to their full potential when properly cared for.

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