Mobile Phones and Computer Advancement

Technology gives human lives the comfort our ancestors never imagined. Through the work of different minds, computers and phones were invented. But how do we have the path of this advancement? Are there future innovations we should look forward to? And how will it benefit human lives?

The computer and internet were first invented in need of military operation in the year 1970. With the benefit it provided with accessible communication, some manufacturers developed their computer and internet network design was done.

Communication is the key in all aspects. Good communication prevents wars, makes a country progressive, and people understand scenarios that are happening in the world. Even with relationships, good communication allows each other to grow.

Communication is the primary function of computers. They were initially installed from landline connection through telephones. However, later, some programmers find it more convenient to use handy devices and can offer communication without wires when mobile phones were invented from the call and text program evolved to phones with screens that can be manipulated through fingers. Cell Phones of today also can produce their internet. Telecommunication companies have plans that allow phones to have internet connections at a reasonable speed. Nowadays, even remote areas can get internet connection with the help of the best satellite internet options available in the region. Though, the locations of the user still need to be considered.

Initially, the transfer of files with computers is done through disks and CDs. Then, a flash drive was invented to transfer files through USB ports. And as of this moment, we can share files wirelessly through the Bluetooth feature.

Before, computers have very bulky sizes because of a significant CPU or Central Processing Unit. This part of the computer serves as the brain of the device. However, through time, the CPU is lessened with size. Chips were made smaller in size but with more significant memory. Wires were scattered before to put a computer at work. However, right now, you can choose a laptop that serves the exact specifications of a computer.

The development of laptops allows being called a mobile computer. It has its main components like the CPU, RAM, ROM, and accessories like keyboard and mouse. Besides the space it saved, it is also convenient to use because of its built-in battery. The battery is made of lithium that will indeed work for years of usage. Imagine what the evolution of computers and mobile phones have had through the years?

But are there any features we will look forward to in the future? Let us all brace ourselves for the following innovations. Let us all brace ourselves for the following innovations. And while we do that, let us not forget the indispensable role played by the Internet in furthering the extent, reach and usability of computers and cellphones. Thanks to easy-to-use Internet plans offered by ATT Bundles and similar providers over high-speed wireless networks, an exceeding number of innovations have become reality in the past decade.

Take, for example, the live feature in Facebook gives ideas for programmers to make a design application that will allow users to augment reality. When we check on our camera, the picture or video will provide information about the place. This will work for us when traveling, shopping, or walking around for the first time in an area. And this feature works better than GPS tracker and Google maps. The GPS and Google maps are sometimes not updated. The map shows a couple of days or years taken from the satellite. It will unlikely show an augmented reality on the spot. This feature is said to come upon our phones and smartwatches in a couple of years but nothing later than a decade.

Are we familiar with 4D or 5D animations? We heard in the latest news that a leading brand of phone will make a hologram project with smartphones. The hologram will allow a more realistic visualization of the picture or videos played on the phone. Far from entertainment, this feature will help students and workplaces that need presentation. Of course, a virtual meeting will be possible without the physical person around. And this feature should be released in the market soon. With our current situation right now in the pandemic, the hologram program is much awaited.

There are many changes with our technology, from the simple large and a lot of wired computers, to now handy ones. Technology offers us comfort, yet we still dig deeper into a more comfortable life. It is not harmful to pursue a better life for the next generation. But the question is, with the many changes in our technology, can we humans still contain our behavior? Can we still take care of our surroundings? And mostly, can we still be human by heart and soul? Or are we going to change as well like these devices?

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