Apple: The King of Digital Music

Apple is an innovative technology company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. The company sells its products to end users, as well as through retailers and service providers. Its best-known hardware products are the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. Its main software product is the personal computers’ macOS and iOS operating systems. Apple’s online services include the iTunes Store, the Apple Online Store, the Apple Developer Connection, and iCloud.

Apple is leading the charge when the music industry is transitioning to digital music. Apple’s iTunes is the leading digital music store in the world, with 20 billion tracks sold worldwide. With more than 40 million songs, iTunes is the largest music library.

Apple, known mostly for its gadgets and computers, was once famous for the music it produced. The Beatles, Elvis, Marvin Gaye, Pink Floyd—you name it, and Apple made a record with it at some point. Nearly 40 percent of Apple’s revenue stems from music, and it’s easy to see why. From iTunes to Apple Music, Apple has made subscribing to music as simple as downloading an app. They have transformed the music industry and its innovations have spilled over into today’s digital world.

Apple has created a digital music empire that few anyone else has been able to replicate. It has not only become the premier place for digital music downloads, but they have developed a digital music ecosystem that has brought digital music into the mainstream.

Apple ran headfirst into the music business despite overwhelming odds—and continues to do so. If music streaming (and file sharing) streaming services are killing the music business, then Apple is keeping the industry alive. It takes a seemingly insurmountable (and arguably frivolous) challenge and, in the span of a few short years, completely overhauls the industry.

How did Apple accomplish this feat? 

Apple is now officially the ruler of digital music. Their sustainable growth and market share are impressive, and this year they passed an impressive milestone: 750 million songs in the iTunes store. Their success in music is not a coincidence; they’ve put a lot of thought and planning into how they approach music.

Apple has come a long way since the early days of iPods and iTunes. The Apple of today is focused on much more than just music and has turned itself into a company that not only makes phones and computers but music distribution services as well. And why not? The iPhone has earned Apple billions upon billions of dollars, both from sales of the device and through the music distribution service, iTunes.

With the launch of Apple Music, Apple’s music scene is arguable better than ever. While the company didn’t introduce any revolutionary new hardware, Apple Music brings together more than 30 million tracks into an easy-to-use, cloud-based music streaming service. It makes them the digital music king for reasons other than the total tracks available.

Apple is a company that constantly tries new, innovative, and industry-changing things. Their minds are always thinking about how to help people better connect with each other, share content, learn, and store information. Apple is passionate about design. They understand how important it is to be able to take something complicated and make it simple.

For almost 30 years, Apple stood alone as the only company in the world that could make and sell their own music players—until Android came along. The iPhone turned the entire industry on its ear, taking the throne as the King of Digital Music.

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