What To Think About When Buying A New Phone

There are few things more frustrating than pulling out your smartphone to use it and finding that the battery is dead. In fact, it’s pretty rare to find a phone that lasts more than a day between charges. The good news is that technology is getting better every year. Cellular networks, WiFi, and other wireless standards are more sophisticated than ever, and new battery technologies are on the horizon that will make it possible to keep a phone in an all-day state of charge.

We all want our new phones to be the best on the market but everyone has their own personal preferences and things they keep in mind when shopping for a new phone. The first is cost. For a new phone, you will want to keep in mind what you will use the phone for. It may also be a good idea to keep in touch with a Phone Doctor, in case you face any issues with the new phone. Do you need the latest and greatest specs? Other features, such as a larger screen, the ability to make FaceTime calls, or the ability to have more storage? Choosing a new phone will depend on your needs and your budget. So what to think about when buying a new phone? Here are some things to consider.

  • Battery

The battery is the number one issue with new phones, and yours may be too small. A large number of phones are released with small batteries, and they aren’t doing us any favors. The Apple iPhone 4S, for example, has a battery life of only a day and a half, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a battery life of only two days.

  • Camera

The camera is just a tool to get the right shot. Don’t let the promises of megapixels fool you. By itself, the camera’s more megapixels not necessarily always mean better images. Megapixels, ISO levels, autofocus speed, and aperture matter as well. Go for phones with 12-16 MP cameras and aperture of f/2.0. Lower means good results under low light.

  • Memory

Phones comes with 2 memory types – RAM or Random Access Memory and ROM or Read Only Memory. RAM determines the speed of the phone and its ease of operation, along with your phone’s processor (see below) ROM is what most people refer to as storage. This is the memory used to store the OS, apps, and all the videos, photos, and songs you want to store on the phone.

  • Accessories

Accessories play a significant role in tailoring your phone to your lifestyle. Prioritize essentials such as chargers, screen protectors, and storage options to ensure seamless daily use. Additionally, don’t underestimate the impact of a reliable phone case. Purrspective’s phone cases or similar ones from other companies might be a good choice if you want themed cases, as they are not only practical but reflect your personality as well. Investing in the right accessories ensures that your smartphone not only meets your functional needs but also remains a stylish and resilient companion in your daily endeavors.

  • Display

The display is one of the most important features of a smartphone. It is essentially the screen, which is what makes a smartphone a true smartphone. If a phone has a good display and is easy to operate, it will give you the most value. But that is not always the case – different displays have different characteristics.

  • Processor

The processor is a central piece of hardware in modern smartphones, and it’s one of the most important components in deciding which phone you buy. The processor is the brain of the phone, and it’s the first part that you’ll see when you look at a phone. Some phones have a faster processor than others, so check the specifications before you make a decision about which phone to buy.

  • Operating System

The operating system powers the critical functions of your smartphone – from launching apps to running network connectivity. When you first get your new device, you may want to do a full wipe and start from scratch. But with Android, this isn’t easy. You need to load the OS onto your phone, and then you need to load apps on top of it. If you want to avoid apps that are incompatible with your OS, that’s a different problem. Fortunately, the latest version of Android (Oreo) has an exploit in it that lets you install apps that aren’t compatible with your OS, and it’s called an “App Sideloading” exploit.

Ah, the price. It’s the bane of the mobile phone market, the one thing that everyone’s always talking about. For some, it’s the cost of the phone itself; for others, it’s the cost of the plan; for many, it’s the factors of the phone’s performance; and for some, it’s the cost of the accessories. If you’re in the market for a new phone, you’re probably looking for something that does a bunch of things well and that has features that you want and need. You probably want it to be powerful, and you want to be able to do all the things you want to do with it, from browsing the web to watching the video. But, how you compare new phones to one another is a unique process that you need to consider to ensure you’re making the right choice.

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