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Open Source Licensing

One of the most active current trends nowadays is the idea of open source licensing. Despite this specific trend it is important to note that a lot of software developers don’t want to commit mistakes and release software under a shareware model. This is because they know that a large proportion of freeware is designed simply to get money. Personally, I am happy to support open source and am not against paying for software, but I do not wish to support software that is free just because it is free. More often than not you will find that there are a couple of ways to skin a cat.

Protecting Your Computer From cybercrime

Protecting your computer from cybercrime should be an on-going process rather than something that gets completed once. Generally, it involves the modification of a computer’s configurations and other measures. These measures could range from simple to very complex. Depending on the nature of the activity which is being investigated you will determine the exact measures that are taken.